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Audeze caught our imagination last year with Sine, the superb planar magnetic on-ear headphones.When the i Sine in-ear model was announced, we got rather excited at the prospect of the first ever planar magnetic in-ears.As you'd expect from an in-ear headphone, the i Sine10 isn't as bassy as its on-ear sibling. Having toned down the higher frequencies and pumped up the low-end the balance was much more to our tastes.What this means is that across the spectrum of frequencies, each piece of the music you're listening to retains its detail and clarity.Like the Sine, they use planar magnetic drivers, except the company cleverly managed to miniaturise them for the i Sine10.

The question, as with any expensive earphones, is whether or not the sound is good enough to justify the price.This has the major benefit of some clever audio processing components.Like the Sine, the inline remote acts as housing for an inline amplifier, DAC (digital-analogue converter) and DSP (digital signal processor).The planar magnetic technology is housed inside a hexagonal case with a web-shaped pattern on the outside.Although it looks metallic, it's built from a light, durable plastic.

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