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Photo captured by @street_bike_tommy at Haydays in Sept, just a few days before my accident.

Jolene Van Vugt is first CMRC Women's Canadian Motocross National Champion.

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We were both super shy with each other and about it because obviously we were both married.As well as older brother Billy, who followed fast in Bill Sr.’s footsteps.It wasn’t until the age of 11 that Jolene finally convinced her dad to buy her a bike (after much debate about her commitment to her ever-changing hobbies).Jolene’s talent soon became apparent as she quickly rose to the top ranks of Canadian women’s motocross.Earning multiple Ontario Provincial Championships, a 9th place overall in the WMA (Women’s Motocross Association), earning her lifetime number 63.#RZRLife Fwr — Jim Beaver (@Jim Beaver15) March 6, 2017 In September 2015, Van Vugt was seriously injured lacking reconstructive surgeries to her face and an extensive recovery period.

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