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Did it matter that "loves to have a good time" meant "in bed by 10 p.m. I was building a whole new reputation: A bigger, richer, more affable ME. Untethered by the need to tell the truth, my ego started acting out big time. - I lied about being unavailable or simply blew them off. I became a certified dating jerk in a way that I never would have in real life.

What harm was there in calling myself successful - as in "successful creative pro" - when I'd second-mortgaged my coop that month and couldn't afford to take a vacation? After any number of online chats with individuals out of my league - just to see if they'd talk to me!

But with this freedom came a sinking sense of virtual moral degradation. Before, I cared about people's feelings but now was aggressive, elusive, and shady.

I was fast becoming one of "those people": The spineless, deceptive, selfish, and shallow. In a book called "The Lucifer Effect," psychologist Philip Zimbardo describes in terrifying detail how wearing a mask can change behavior (and why in most countries, including our own, it's illegal to hide your face in public).

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It tells us how one of butterflies which are caught by the boy, grows till the huge sizes and the hunter appears in the ...

Connecting with people is hard enough without the magical thinking.

She Monday morning quarterbacked her failed dating life.

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