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But then Julie [Plec, Williamson's co-writer] kept telling me to keep reading the books and then I began to realise that it was a story about a small town, about that town's underbelly and about what lurks under the surface." Add to that the fact that lead character Elena has lost her parents in an accident, and that vampire brothers Stefan and Damon both mourn the woman they loved and lost, and it's easy to see why Williamson, who has always enjoyed mining his characters for despair, got involved.

"What I responded to is that every character in this book is dealing with loss," he says.

goes on an extended mid-season hiatus, leaving us with nothing but the faint memory of A's snarky texts and a few Ezra-induced daydreams. The good news is that we have an antidote for your Each of these hits will give you a double dose of OMGs, bring out your inner binge-watcher, and yep—you might even find yourself writing fan fiction. Click through the slideshow of our favorite totally crazy hits, then let us know which ones you can't get enough of down in the comments!

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Hailed as the king of teen in the 1990s when he reinvented horror movies with the Scream franchise, and then unleashed talkfest Dawson's Creek on an unsuspecting world, Williamson was always the go-to guy for snappy, irony-laden dialogue, and news of his involvement in the show was enough to get both critics and fans buzzing.In fact self-confessed vampire-fan Somerhalder, formerly known as Lost's pretty (and pretty vacant) Boone, is a revelation.Clearly relishing the chance to play a bad boy, he devours his lines, making the most of the show's more kitsch elements and turning a potentially one-dimensional role into the best thing on the show.The show's heroine, the recently orphaned Elena, is more complicated than she initially appears and her refusal to simply accept her vampire boyfriend, Stephan, fangs and all, marks a welcome return to the idea that vampires are actually dangerous creatures rather than beautiful sparkling embodiments of every teen girl's desires."We are dealing with morality in the sense of right and wrong and control and betrayal and trust and friendship," Williamson says.

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