Missed signals and friendship to dating

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If you want to be the sort of man that is not only respected by your woman, but by almost everyone around you, start pushing forward towards your biggest ambitions and goals in life…and don’t give up until you achieve them, or at least achieve something very similar within the same industry, field or area.

Instead of rising through the levels of his true potential as a man, he will waste time on unnecessary thing to fill up his free time so he doesn’t have to face his fears.

he loses his job, his investments lose a lot of value, he gets caught up in heated disagreements with family or friends, etc.).

It’s completely fine for a man to talk about his problems if life gets too tough or challenging for him to face on his own.

However, if he whines and complains about life like a victim when talking to her, without looking for solutions to the problems that he is facing, a woman’s respect for him will begin to fade.

A woman wants to be able to see that no matter what life throws as your way, you remain strong like a man and push for a solution to any problem you face.

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