Over sedating in endoscopy procedures church christ internet dating

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Hello, Had my first endoscopy a few days ago (I suffer from panic disorder) and was scared stiff of having it done the night before i was due to have it done i was thinking of not going.

As was going to have it with sedation but have read alot of horror stories on the internet about people gagging, being sick, pulling the endospope out, having to be pinned down So you can see way i was scared stiff.

It took intotal 5 mins to have the endoscope done and a further 5-10mins in recovery and then home.

If you have one coming up phone and ask about having it done TRANSNASAL as it is a pleasent way of doing it.

I just thought I'd post my experience with my upper endoscopy/gastroscopy today, as I'd been putting it off for ages due to the awful stories I read online.

I think people are more inclined to post their experience if it's an unsually traumatic one, so I'd like to add another good story to balance it out! It was about a year ago that my GP pushed for a gastroscopy, but after doing my research, I refused. I was in the hospital once for an ultrasound and walked by the endoscopy unit...

But i found the courage to go to the hospital to have it done the nurse asked me if i wanted sedation i said no way so she said OK the dr will have a word with you.

The dr came in and asked me again about sedation and i said no so he said ok we will do it TRANSNASAL so no need to go through the mouth no need for sedation and I have to say it was a alright procedure a slight bit of dicomfit in the nasal passage (brought a tear to my eye) but i was able to breath properly and also talk no gagging and best of all NO sedation.

It doesn't feel nice, but you're not going to die or have permanent damage, and there's probably nothing in your stomach for you to vomit up.By the time I arrived at the hospital today (University College London), I was in good spirits and excited to finally get it over with.I knew I was going to opt for just the throat spray and no sedation, as I always feel like my best chance of getting through anything is mind power.But that part was so short (20 seconds or so) and the doctor reassured me by saying the procedure was almost over.Next thing I know, he pulled it back into my stomach, then all the way back up my throat.

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