Prince albert monaco dating

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The former Olympian flew home the next day but said she stayed in touch with the Prince for six months and he 'rang every few days'.

But after dropping her phone in water and losing her contacts, they fell out of contact - despite Ms Pittman attempting to contact him through the palace.

star Markle - already world-famous in her own right - might be better equipped for.

“Being an actress, in a way, gets you a little prepared but nothing really can prepare you for the constant pace of it,” he adds.

Former Australian Olympic hurdler Jana Pittman, 34, has revealed she could have ended up as the Princess of Monaco.Ms Pittman said Prince Albert, who hosted the evening, approached her at 'Monte Carlo's biggest night club' and introduced himself before buying her a drink and taking her to a 'quieter area' to talk.Ms Pittman had 'no idea' he was a Prince but found him 'smoothly dressed' with a 'beautiful smile'.Growing up as a child wanting to win the Olympic Games was all I ever dreamed of, I never made it,' she told SBS program Insight.'I have a beautiful family and three beautiful kids. I have so many things on, I can't fit training in anymore.'I feel very fat right now with the amount of food I eat,' she said as she laughed.

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