Sexy live chat games

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” Trust me, your partner won’t mind that you’re asking them to “remember” something that just happened!

This is a really adaptable game that’s similar to Would You Rather.

Text your partner a series of options that you could do in that moment, and ask them to pick which one they would like best.

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For example, “would you rather have me kiss your neck or your ear?We have a lot of fun when we do see each other, but we’re looking for ways to keep the spark alive when we have to be apart. We’re both a little shy (him more so than me), so sexting feels way more comfortable than having to say things out loud.We’ve done the very basic stuff, and now I’d like to surprise him with something notoriously vigilant about keeping sexed-up apps out of the App Store. We collected some of the most shocking examples below. A lot of apps have been able to get through the Apple censors, and a lot of them have creeped to the top of Apple's most-downloaded charts.

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