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People have different tastes, and it is legitimate not to like it.) You can catch the Butterballs episode at the following link: After you watch it, I recommend you watch the school anti-bullying video embedded in the following page: will realize that the South Park anti-bullying music video is not far-fetched. Thanks, South Park, for continuing to promote sanity while filling your bank accounts. I agree the 'anti-bullying' industry can be downright stupid but thats only because you're focusing on the morons, every institution has its morons.Furthermore, the song, “Let’s Get Together to Make Bullying Kill Itself,” is cleverer than anything real kids come up with, while expressing the anti-bullying movement's intentions with remarkable precision. You deserve the money more than the anti-bullying industry. lots of bullying is the result of just sheer desire for power/status. I'm sure there's serious research going no into bullying we don't hear about and they are on the 'prevent bullying' side.Positive thinking is now being replaced with negative thinking anti-bully lessons.These lessons teach kids to be suspicious of their fellow classmates, to believe that bullies lurk everywhere, to blame bullies for the way they feel, to have no tolerance for anyone who shows intolerance, to believe that words can scar them forever or even kill them, and to believe they are powerless to deal with bullying on their own.They routinely lampoon attempts to engineer society and legislate saintliness. Unlike modern psychologists, they know that bullying is part of our basic nature and can't be eradicated through social engineering.And unlike the anti-bullying psychologists, when they make political statements, they know it.

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(If you find you don’t like South Park, that’s okay, too.Mackey, into giving up his own school assembly so the school can hold an emergency anti-bullying assembly. Mackey what he had planned to teach at his assembly.Mackey answered, “Positive thinking.” Ironically, positive thinking is actually the solution to bullying.However, most of what we know to be true, whether in the physical or psychological sciences, is not from RCTs but from observation, contemplation, experience and logical thinking.If you perform RCTs on nonsense, all you will have is nonsense.

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