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To this day, I don’t know how they’re able to maintain that consistent smell.I wasn’t a very adventurous smoothie consumer back then, making the hard choice between the raspberry and strawberry (though occasionally I’d go ‘wild’ with mango).I was sorry that I could not meet Aida while she was in my hometown of Atlanta a few weeks ago promoting her book.

The crunch of the nuts, which inevitably made their way inside the smoothie, was a welcome surprise.

Our allegiances veered either toward decadent treats (artisanal ice cream and gelato) or the real healthy stuff (aforementioned pressed juices, kombucha).

I still like to believe that Jamba Juice, and their wheatgrass shots (which only a handle of people in West San Jose attempted at the time) was a real trailblazer.

These days, I tend to make juices and smoothies at home.

I’m still not super experimental but once in a while, I find myself inspired by a combination that I think about constantly until I finally try my hand at it.

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